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Neville – jest to jeden z naszych pomocników w grze Need for Speed: Carbon. Jest dostępny od samego początku kariery.

  • Klasa - Stoper
  • Umiejętność - Wtyka
  • Bonus wyścigu - Zagrożenie w strefie nie zwiększa się po wyścigu
  • Bonus Kariery - Nagrody za wygrane wyścigi większe o 200

Cytaty Edytuj

  • "Hey uh... who's the third wheel?"
  • "Hey, if there's three do I get one? I mean I don't care which one, although I am partial to the one with the sweet rims."
  • "That's great... I'm the monkey!"
  • "Nikki's good. Just listen to her. And I'll stick around and I'll help out and make sure she's not too hard on ya."
  • "Well, guess it's just you and me. Let's go find some trouble."
  • "So you've been gone a while. You're out in Rockport huh? Man a lot has changed since you took off. There are tons of crews in this town, everywhere man, crazy!"
  • "Look out, cops!"
  • "Who's the coffee grinder baby? Haha haha!"
  • "You need a wingman, and it looks like I'm it."
  • "Okey dokey, I've got soda and water... Where'd she go?"

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